Tess & Charity’s Graduation!

Tess & Charity’s Graduation!

“The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.”

These two beautiful girls Graduated from UCT in 2019 with their Bachelor of Social Science degrees, how cool!
Due to Covid-19 entering the country just before their graduation ceremony was going to take place, they missed out on that opportunity, but instead we had a blast having a mini celebration of our own!

Tess is my cousin-in-law so when she asked if I could take a few photos of her and her friend for their graduation, I was thrilled!

2 of Charity’s students came to join us and gosh, they were adorable! They both gave Teacher Charity a huge hug!

Tess & Charity, your friendship is so beautiful! I’m very proud of the two of you, with Tess having already finished her Honours and Charity, you sound like an incredible teacher!
Your futures are so bright, I’m very excited to see where these adventures take you! ♥️

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