Princess Madison-Sophia’s 5th Birthday Party

Princess Madison-Sophia’s 5th Birthday Party

“Where There Is Kindness, There Is Goodness. And Where There Is Goodness, There Is Magic.” – Cinderella

What a breathtaking princess party! I fell in love with how Rivonia put together this whole party. I definitely lived my Disney Princess fairytale along with all the other girls!

The food, decor, dresses, face-painting and games all complimented each other so nicely, even some of the parents wanted their faces painted!
We also had Disney songs playing in the background, which I definitely sang along to!

Rivonia & Carl, your family has already crawled into my heart!
I saw the love you two share for each other and I love how you’re raising Madison-Sophia, she is a princess!
I think we all forget that we should be treated like royalty, thanks for that wonderful reminder ♥️

Please check out the other amazing vendors:

Dresses & Styling by: @house_of_maria_
Balloon Arch: @bohoevents_pty_ltd
Sweet Treats: @sweetcakesza
Facepainting: @magicalpartiescapetown
Venue: @eatokara

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