The Beukes Family

The Beukes Family

“Family is a life jacket in the stormy sea of life.”

There are no words to describe how beautiful this family is!
From the minute I started talking to Aldine, I knew that we were going to get along perfectly.

They are such wonderful and understanding people despite things going wrong leading up to the shoot. We had to postpone due to rainy weather, and the date which we moved the shoot to also turned out to be a rainy day. We decided to go ahead anyway, but when I got to the location the canola field was unavailable!
I was scrambling around, but thankfully there was another field nearby which we could use and the weather turned out great!

This family of 4 were so sweet, the way they spoke to each other and the love that the parents have for their children.
It’s such a beautiful thing to witness, just a wonderful reminder that families, like the Beukes’s, are what make the world a better place ♥️

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