Mia & Luan

Mia & Luan

“Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl, and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his whole life answering.”
– Nicole Krauss, The History of Love

Aren’t these two utterly adorable?!?
Luan asked Mia to officially be his girlfriend on the shoot, there were definitely some happy tears shed!

I’ve known Mia over a year now, having done a few shoots for her, we know each other quite well now and it’s been lovely and adventurous in every way!

Mia & Luan, I know your love story is just beginning but I wish you both lots of laughter and wonderful memories together!
May you cherish one another and realise that love is one of the greatest gifts of all.
Here’s to new adventures ♥️

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